New Trends in Maritime Law
New Trends in Maritime Law

New Trends in Maritime Law


Maritime Liens, arrest of ships, mortgages and forced sale

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New Trends in Maritime Law: Maritime Liens, Arrest of Ships, Mortgages and Forced Sales is a collection of articles analysing in detail the protection of maritime and port creditors from an international perspective. The contributors -professionals and academics from both common and civil law jurisdictions- address a broad range of issues: maritime liens, mortgages, arrests and forced sale of vessels. They identify the problems posed by current legislation and offer appropriate solutions. The book also provides a coordinated study of maritime law specialities and general aspects of civil and commercial law and proposes mechanisms for protecting crew members, with solutions related to applicable law and jurisdiction for maritime and port claims.



Chapter 1. "Stasifactory for its own purposes": Private direct arrangements and judicial vessel sales / Paul Myburgh

Chapter 2. An outline analysis of lien clauses in maritime contracts for the carriage of goods / Rhidian Thomas

Chapter 3. The international convention on maritime liens and mortgages 1993 / Francesca Pellegrino

Chapter 4. Maritime liens in the Geneva convention and in the perspective og the new Spanish navigation act / José M. Alcántara

Chapter 5. The proprietary aspects of electronic bills of lading / Melis Özdel

Chapter 6. International insolvency law: its impact on the arrest of ships / Andrew Tettenborn

Chapter 7. Arrest of ships: Geneva convention 1999 and Lex Fori, in particular, Spanish law / José Manuel Martín Osante

Chapter 8. Maritime liens and shipping insolvency / Federico Franchina

Chapter 9. Fishing permit as an appurtenance of the offending vessel / Tjasa Zapusek

Chapter 10. What role private insurances can play in the social protection of sea workers / Xosé Manuel Carril Vázquez

Chapter 11. Control by the port state and flag state, and amendments to the MLC 2006 to protect workers in cases of abandonment / Arántzazu Vicente Palacio

Chapter 12. Worker protection in international insolvency law: the limited role of maritime liens / Laura Carballo Piñeiro

Chapter 13. Protecting seafarers in cases of outstanding wage claims resulting from abandonment of vessels and crews / Olga Fotinopoulou Basurko

Chapter 14. Forced sales and mortgages: disclosure duties for the assured? / Wouter Verheyen

Chapter 15. Mortgage, maritime hyphotecation or pledge? Real rights on ships in the works of the polish maritime law codification committee / Zuzanna Peplowska-Dabrowska y Justyna Nawrot

Chapter 16. Ship mortgage: the italian perspective / Vincenzo Battistella

Chapter 17. Liens and mortgages on the ship - their relation to the charterer's equipment on board / Erik Rosaeg

Chapter 18. Danish rules on securities and other protective rights in the charterparty trade - an aoorausak / Kristina Siig

Chapter 19. The lien as a security device and contractual remedy in charterparties: common and civil law perspectives / Shengnan Jia

Chapter 20. An empirical study on uniform seaborne cargo rules / Lijun Zhao

Chapter 21. The carrier's lien: English and German law / Simone Lamont-Black

Chapter 22. The international unification of maritime law. Recognition and enforcement of judicial sales of ships / Cristina Zournatzi

Chapter 23. Is a shipping protocol to the cape town convention a good idea? / Thor Falkanger

Chapter 24. Maritime liens created by the charterrer - in how far can the charterer's choice of law be of consequence for the owner? / Tobias Eckardt Ahlers and Vogel Rae Partgmb

Chapter 25. Party autonomy and arrest of ships from a comparative perspective / Fellow Jonatan Echebarria Fernández

Chapter 26. Maritime liens, private international law and the management of legal diversity / Verónica Ruiz Abou-Nigm

Chapter 27. Harmony and harmonization in cross-border insolvency and security interests on vessels / Manuel Alba Fernández

José Manuel Martín Osante
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1ª edición Junio 2017
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