Problems and proposals regarding the common European Asylum System
Problems and proposals regarding the common...

Problems and proposals regarding the common European Asylum System

Tirant Lo Blanch

The example of Greece

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The Legal Studies Collection is the first of its kind to offer readers an English language compendium of contemporary legal research by scholars linked to Spanish Universities. The series, published by Tirant Lo Blanch, will cover a wide range of topics and examine key aspects of the Spanish legal system as well as analysing the most important issues under debate in other jurisdictions. Each book will aim to present a thorough and incisive study of its subject, providing specialised material to legal academics. It is expected that the series will become a source of reference for law students and play a major part in fostering academic excellence in the study of Law.


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1. Introduction

2. National policies and the intents of harmonization to the right of asylum

3. The case of Greece

4. The Hellenic State's curret critical situation and its effects on Europe

5. EU and Turkey Deal: Its meaning and the Aftermath

6. Conclusions

7. Bibliography

8. Documentary Sources

Danai Delipetrou
Tirant Lo Blanch
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1ª edición Junio 2017
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